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Specifically, I'd like to thank John Hoffacker, who was always available for a phone call or email as we discussed options and as I asked. Great service great product highly recommended. I called to get a quote and was pleasantly surprised how responsive they were to my questions. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Stairs arrived when promised. Other than that bit of frustration, it came with plenty of extra hardware, all the parts, and the final assembled product is beautiful in our log cabin. Great quality and easy to assemble. Installation was straight forward.Looks great. The process of determining the size and specs of the stairs was thorough and straightforward. Thank you. We ended up removing the paint from the handrail and left it as exposed metal and are happy with the final look. I wish there was an assembly video as I had to do some guesswork. You can get some of it assembled, but you'll have to wait as you stain and polyurethane the wood before putting on balusters and the railing. Fabulous product. Highly recommend! instructions were easy to following. If I ever do another on of the spiral staircase projects I would for sure use them again. installed.The staircase came in a large box on a pallet and the one-piece steel pole. However, there went the extra mile and asked me as many details about the space and asked me to send them pictures and videos and all measurements of the space, and so I did. After that, no problems. We raised the roof on our summer home, adding a couple of bedrooms and a much needed bathroom. A 2 man team installed it in 1-1.5 days. Be mindful of tread height as the 9.25” risers are a little tall. The folks at Paragon were outstanding. Curved Wood Staircases. A member of our SMA certified team goes over each decision to ensure your staircase matches your vision and budget. We had it quickly, good instructions, easy install and excellent follow up! The instructions are lacking some basics, i.e. For a kit like this I would say it is very strong, quality is higher than expected and when it's finished, it will be a great compliment. Be persistent in asking for correct. Highly recommend. template to simplify the assembly process. This article outlines the floor plan representation of stair using the new Stair Tool. They fit & look great. That is not safe or easy.We put one post section (45" tall) on the floor and put the stair treads over that, then screwed the second post onto that and put the rest of the treads on. Very sturdy. This a great company that makes a great product. BALUSTRADES. Don't expect the instructions to be sufficient and allow more time than specified to complete your build. Ordering was easy and customer service was so helpful! The quality of the galvanized steel stairs is good. The stairs were high quality. After speaking with a few other suppliers we chose Paragon for our spiral stair case package. I develop apartments and have purchased 4 sets of spiral stairs from Paragon in the last 2 years. “The process of using Paragon as a stair company was amazing…From the start, they consulted us on our choices and we came out with a beautiful solution for our space.”, Watch How it Works. The instructions were easy to follow. You'll get quick and accurate pricing plus a FREE 3D model of you stair! Aesthetically pleasing from the cheapest model all the way to the wider top end models with custom treads and railings available. You probably have plenty of thoughts from kitchen décor ideas to bedroom decorating ideas, but there's a smaller space you're probably overlooking within all your design plans: the staircase.For many houses, the staircase is one of the first things you see when you enter your home, so you want to make sure it's beautiful to look at. Really nice job and so convenient when you don’t have a lot of space!I can give you pics of the final finish if you like!! How easy would it be to install? The staff was very helpful and stairs were delivered in timely fashion as promised, highly recommend them if you need spiral staircase. Very nice and knowledgeable salesmen, product great quality, will definitely use again! (Couldn't they have included this $1.34 item with the hardware?). Relatively easy to install. Highly recommend Paragon Stairs...PA made! We recommend that the stock elements shown in this guide be used as much as possible. Stairs. At a great price. I am pleased to recommend Paragon stairs.I would say to expect, the installation to be more difficult than their estimate, it took about. Excellent customer service, fast shipping, and great assembly instructions! We are very happy with the end product, there was a small amount of swearing during installation but it was manageable. Delivery was prompt, the sales team helped every step of the way with size and details, and the stairs we bought are lovely and exactly what we ordered. Didn’t. Thanks Paragon. Product looks great even with only primer applied by factory. I am very pleased with the. In fact, a spiral staircase can be customised to make it the most elegant element in your room. The sales and shipping departments were very helpful with getting the right stairs and making sure it was delivered on time. Overall everything from sales to customer service, and delivery was smooth.We experienced some delays in production but it was during the pick of Covid-19 so expected.We also experienced few items. And it meets code, so I don't have to worry about the building inspector:) Thank you Paragon! They look great, service was great and everything arrived as expected. You have to cut each hand rail rod. Aside from that, everything is very well. We needed interior stairs that would give us access to our basement. Had a great experience working with Paragon. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a high quality outdoor spiral. Because circular stairs build on top of themselves, they maximize your space. You’ll receive: parts missing. Very nice product and customer is pleased. Our build project was slow to start because of weather, but Melissa continued to check on us and work with our timeline as it was unveiled. We bought one locally to finish the job. A standard landing wasn’t going to work in our situation. Company shipped us a new one promptly. It went together pretty easily and looks great, Had a great experience with Paragon. The stairs were very affordable and my brother and I installed them in about three hours time. Installation was easy and all parts and accessories were of high quality. I had to cut 2 1/2" off in order to make the railing height match all the other stair tread baluster heights. I left a deposit, and the entire package including the unfinished red oak treads and the laminated curved railing arrived at the foot of our driveway in no less than 10 days.Three days later it was refinished and installed in the cottage behind our house, allowing us to eliminate the previously used ladder, and I had one happy 89 year old mother-in-law!Mack Travis, Interlaken, NY, Paragon Stairs designed my spiral stair’s for my needs. All in all, a very good experience. The rest was all details that I easily handled and installed. $ 4.90. check Set up your stairs according to your project. We just took a picture and gave them the measurements, they gave us the details for the best possible positioning. We were able to install the stairs after going to the hardware store for the missing bolts. Ran into a few hiccups during the installation, but I called them up and they took care of me immediately. Great customer service & great product at a very reasonable price! We were missing an end cap for the railing as the one sent did not fit. They helped me in picking out the perfect stairs for my location. I was wrong. Now it has delayed completion by 3 weeks. I purchased the economy stairs which are extremely. Thankfully, Paragon had the solution! This AutoCAD block can be used in your detail design drawings. I was a bit skeptical about having a spiral staircase shipped to me but the design and shipping were exceptionally well done. Love the stairs. Our friendly stair designers can work with you to customize your stair solution to fit your budget. These spiral stair plans go into detail about how to measure, construct, then assemble this spiral staircase into several different situations. Bought this spiral staircase to save space and be able to access the loft in our barn. We are having to send the treads back to the company to be powder coated again. I’ll buy stairs from here again. I'm proud of the way Paragon Stairs transformed my living space. Ignore the instructions for installing the stair tread on the column and then lifting into place if you buy the steel stairs. Their help in the design process cannot be overstated. attached the balusters to the handrail was a completely different design than that referenced in the instructions. The stairs are beautiful. For example, I was installing the standard galvanized steel treads, which need to be spaced according to the overall height of the staircase. I must also warn you, prospective buyer, that unlike other stair companies in this business, the stair treads do not have built in spacers between them so you are expected to measure and place them one at a time. Among other features in the plans, I've included instructions on veneering the spacer pipes with real wood, and laminating a continuous wood handrail. And the final product is awesome. Instructions on product were a struggle to get around if you are not very handy. He was professional and very nice. We ordered our stairs from Paragon after getting estimates for custom wrought iron spiral stairs from several companies here in Tucson. The stairway arrived undamaged and no. I could not have been happier with the product, support, service, features, and result. their products and service on future project. Includes straight, quarter-turn, half-turn, … The next step is to convert that storage space located above into a nice auxiliary room (I'm saying "mancave" but shhh my wife hasn't heard me say that yet.) Great stairs & they fit really good! I would buy from them again and highly recommend Paragon Stairs.Staircase was assembled in one day. Brian even took time out of his day to set up a GoTo Meeting webinar and explain the different options and how it would be. I bought the most basic model stair and it. Price to value is excellent. I needed a unique solution to a space and considered a spiral staircase. These curved stairs designs are tailor-made with specific measurements and materials, creating the perfect design with a perfect fit every time. They look great and were easy to assemble. The only hard thing was lifting the platform. The representative was very knowledgeable in assisting me with choosing the spiral staircase that I needed. Shipping company’s can’t be trusted with anything. Love the new streamlined website. I found the website, browsed the products, took a couple measurements to share with the sales consultant and called. I would definitely recommend this company. would definitely recommend. We used a generic video to help our installers. Great stairs. I installed the square landing on top first using lumber clamped across the top to hold it there and ran a plumb line down got he floor to locate and install the baseplate for the column. Great look.The only issue are the tiny anchors (compared to the awesome rail and stairs - too small and fragile for even the strong vinyl hand rail.Awesome experience. I'm partway into installation and find some issues. Product shipped out on time and arrived on time. Great looking , representative was very helpful , walked us thru the whole process. Paragon Stairs has circular staircases for a wide range of locations and projects. So far all went smoothly. One of the benefits of a privately owned operation like this is you get to know your sales person. We are so excited about installing it in our cabin on our property. Highly recommend! Good quality. We never had any questions or doubts, after talking to them. I did shop after for spiral stairs for a while and I am so happy I worked with Paragon Stairs. Very happy customer! installation was smooth and end result was great! Paragon was very helpful to a DIY remodeler like myself. Very happy with everything . Learn more. My father in law builds quality custom homes and was very impressed. Fun to install and fit exactly as it should. Get exactly what you need and have been dreaming about, no do-overs required. 44 – Accurate Pricing. Stairs came in well packed and easy to unpack to assemble. Customer service was great. Good guide from start to feed back.Very nice service.Stair is very good and strong.I put stair from basement to 1st floor.After I put, air circulation is active and I enjoy basement.It's not storage anymore.I strongly recommend to install it.One thing to advice is put. I would highly recommend this company! I live in Canada and there is truly nothing comparable up here... As well to be able to ship to Canada was a huge perk. Paragon exceed our expectation from beginning to end! It takes daring shape and configurations compared to the conventional staircase. BALUSTRADE CONNECTION DETAILS. These designs are as a guide to help us work out the design you require. Not a big problem. Your help and advice have been greatly appreciated!You are a awesome person & an asset to Paragon Stairs. instruction's clarity could be improved, however, the results are spectacular. My stairs are beautiful and sturdy. There were a few issues, the platform was missing two drilled holes for installation. I made it work and am very happy with it. Free DWG models of Stairs in plan and elevation view. I would purchase this product again if needed. Very happy with our stairs! Stairs Looked Great and Fit Location just as we specified on order. Was frustrated that there is a factory pickup fee but aside from that, great product. the owners are very pleased with the final product and we would highly recommend. Thanks Paragon!!! We were neophytes putting the spiral staircase together. Hopefully my dog will overcome her fears and be able to actually use the stairs :). If ever a home made a statement, an eloquent, understated but clear statement, of your good taste, it is this luxury home plan. The parts were well organized. I suggest some type of more universal top angle or hinge/flex top to the balusters with a groove to receive a band clamp that wraps fully around the pipe and baluster top, and really pulls the whole connection together without the drilling, which was a major pain to do while trying to keep the rail in the right position. Two could do it but a third makes it safer I believe. You'll get quick and accurate pricing from SMA certified designers! Good customer service and pricing.Quality built product.Would have appreciated all parts having been protected/packaged during shipping to ensure no scratches. I don't expect any issues whatsoever with the installation.Update : Finally got enough time off to go install the staircase. Saved from My only bump in the whole process was the shipping company which was out of my control, hopefully New Penn doesn’t drop the ball for paragon with anyone else. Very happy with price and end result. Loved every part of this company — the customer service, the price, the ease of installation, the quality of the stairs, and the finished look. Patient, professional service and care. My customer was very pleased and all. The only reason it's not 5stars is because some of the instructions were not correct but customer service came to the rescue and sent me information and walked me through some of the installation. patient & kind. Materials arrived on time and in full. Thank you Paragon, thank you Brian and God bless you all 6 stars. The sales and support team were great throughout the whole process. Any other projects we do that requires Paragon is settled. Thanks. Great product and would have given 5 stars if not for some engineering challenges I've discussed with your sells reps. For a planned staircase that’s going to be 96 inches (240 cm) high, you would divide 96 … Spiral staircase is a joy. I provided the lady the measurements at the stairs location, she sent me options, I picked out the model stairs we wanted and sat back and waited. I figured it out, and the finished product is in place, functional and looks good.....great experience overall. Ordered a spiral stair. I would buy from them again. Once you’ve finished your design, you can send your design over to a friendly stair designer for your free consultation. wish they had online video from Paragon showing this model of stairs being installed. Also, the platform has a poor design if mounted in a. corner. Mike, we, give you 5 gold stars !!!!! Instructions seem to say to put the stair treads onto an assembled post after it is standing up in location (15 feet tall). My house was basically destroyed due to the actions of an uninsured fraudulent roofing company , skyline roofing and gutters and Holbrooks roofing and gutters. I am beyond happy with them. The circular frame also provides an interesting addition to any residential or commercial building. They were able to walk me through the simple ordering process later that day. Circular staircases offer unique benefits and style for any space. Paragon’s DIY circular stairs have the same first-class engineering and Browse our in-stock products online or schedule a free web meeting with our designers today. The designer spent lots of time with us and saved tons of frustration. Paragon Stairs offers custom and circular stairs kits. The stairs came exactly as stated in the description and were easy to put together with two people. The spiral stairs are unbelievable! The finished product was sturdy, well manufactured and everything fit together perfectly, Our spiral staircase connects the outdoor kitchen with the top deck of the house overlooking the ICW in St. Augustine. it. That connection as a whole is terrible for a number of reasons, but even worse is that the balusters are pre-bent at their tops for the pitch of the stairway way too far in the wrong direction so its impossible to get the rail pulled tight to the baluster, especially with your toggle bolt method that deforms the pipe to the point of pulling through the drill holes, that is, if the tiny threads on the tiny bolt don't strip first. Your space calls for a unique staircase that’s tailor made for you. Install was a little challenging but with a little help my contractor seal the deal for me. I ordered early and needed to have the shipment delayed a few times, which they accommodated every time. WOW! stairs worked out perfectly. The stairs are very sturdy and well built. It takes detailed oriented folks to do so but it is not too difficult.I would suggest getting the diamond pattern. Excellent product for the price, great service and easy install! They look awesome on our new deck. Quick and easy installation and absolutely love the staircase. Excellent product and would recommend it! The stairs were the key to generate the interest in doing more to that area. Well, you can vote them. The 3d drawings were. Worse than that is the. Sign up to our Free newsletter for our latest CAD models.. 1692mm Wide Tall Unit Closet with Double Sliding Door Plan dwg Drawing, Dining Facility for heavy duty uses_Life Safety Plan .dwg, 1956mm Wide Oval Shape Threads Wooden Staircase Right Side Elevation dwg Drawing, Privacy Handleset Doorknob with Key Rear Elevation dwg Drawing, 250mm Top Length Ceiling Contemporary Light Design Plan dwg Drawing, 600mm Top Length Pendant Chandelier Plan dwg Drawing, - 3ds max , AutoCAD , Rhino , Vector works , Sketchup , Revit and more. Spiral Staircase. We received exactly what we were hoping for. Very pleased with this product, delivery was on time. Short a couple of pieces and were sent immediately with no questions asked. Excellent customer service made ordering super easy. diameter of the concrete footer for the center pole (it's 16" in diameter, below frost line in your area), we had an extra critical part that was not on the instructions and two screws that ran into each other when we were installing the platform. We took an U-Shape stair as an example which goes through 3 stories. Overall we are very satisfied with the stairs. Needless to say my skeptical wife is now very pleased and friends and family. I definitely recommend the stair kit to anyone looking for a reasonably price and simple to install. Fit and finish are top quality. Solid, great quality and, First off, this is Geno Guerra. Paragon was great from placing the order to delivery. I purchased the 42 inch spiral stair case and installed myself. This company goes above and beyond to keep the customer happy. The stairs arrived on a. pallet. Six women put this together, but we needed a very strong man to help us...steel stairs are very heavy. )could not be deleted/credited (part of "kit"). Extremely efficient process from initial design to delivery. When I got the stairs, one piece didn't quite match up, but they were quick to replace it at minimal additional cost. . The top of the center spindles are not angled to meet the aluminum railing very well. When I first heard Paragon's quote for our circular stairs, I was incredulous. Needed some stairs to access an attic loft, didn't have a whole lot of space for traditional stairs, these look great! Even with the railing that was being delivered later, they made it a point to track it and stay in touch. The Most Consultative Design Experience in The Industry. than the cost of repair, Paragon sent us a complete replacement of the existing damaged stairs up to current code. It ended up being the perfect size and installed the diy black kit. Highly Recommend! Great use of technology by screen sharing to show and model the stair custom to your area. I would suggest anyone that gets them to inquire a little more then I did about it.I still love them and highly recommend them!!!! Thanks sooo muchPete R. Edmonton Alberta Canada. They said set-up was straightforward.The only downside we've found with these stairs is that the corners and edges are a bit sharp, and several people had bumped their heads. The stairs look wonderful. Learn more about how it works. comments on the stairs!!! We build decks and used this stairs system from Paragon, the price was right and the install was easy. They did it all for me and very quickly too! The final product turned out to be just as we had hoped. A VERY NICE IMPROVEMENT TO OUR HOME ! Steve worked with us to create the perfect staircase for my needs and budget. Overall, we were able to install the stairs in two days with three people. I would definitely order from Paragon again. Select from premium Round Staircase of the highest quality. The parts are well made with thick plate steel. Great product and service. Recommend: Shorten landing railing by 3/4" to allow sheet rock-over-framing to clear the metal. Thanks! The railing was also difficult to install, the instructions are not very clear. To the prospective home owners looking to install these stairs yourselves, a few words of advice. They look great and were easy to install. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!! Twice.Absolute pleasure to do business with. Think about it! A numbering/lettering system would help keep the treads in the proper order for installation. But in a similar way, a staircase also has the potential to pack a punch and inject character into a building. 60" economy code stair. Very helpful in the design process from start to finish! Sales staff was great also. If you plan to paint the exterior staircase, I would caulk each tread around the pole. Our stairs shipped in two pieces the pole and the stairs.It was easy to set up and great value for the price I paid. If I had to do it again I would have upgraded to the next level to have ease of use. Nov 11, 2013 - house plans with circular staircase | How to build a spiral staircase. around a central column. Instructions were clear and my dad and i, with a little help from mom and my girlfriend, put it up in. TECHNIQUES OF STAIRCASE CONSTRUCTION Technical and Design Instructions for Stairs Made of Wood, Steel, Concrete, and Natural Stone I have more jobs on the horizon, and will definitely be giving you the opportunity to design and deliver more in the, future. We found this company on line, they had a great selection. very happy, While I don’t have a finished picture of the stairs in our home (we are still building), I had the best experience with Paragon. I would use them again. The only thing I Wish was more detailed was the instructions. I was very please with the process of purchasing and installing my paragon stairs. Two small items: it is probably the easiest stair kit to. The customer service was nice and great to work with. My experience with Paragon Stairs was great from the first phone call, the salesperson was knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. The installation team lead Douglas was great and it was beautifully installed. Very knowledgeable and had no problem getting me what was requested. From the ordering process to install, the help was awesome. Purchased Spiral Staircase. Working with Paragon was a great experience. with helpful hints that would greatly enhance the ease of installation. First time to go with a per-fabricated spiral stair due to concerns over code compliance. Packaging needs to be more secure. Thank you Paragon! It took me contacting them with our idea and they gave me options on there product. Easy assembly! I would recommend Paragon’s products. I looked at and talked to a few different online spiral stair companies and landed on Paragon for their Incredible customer service. I would highly recommend this stair! Great company they were willing to let me pick up the stairs when I was in Pennsylvania so that I didn't have to ship them. Thanks, I read Paragon's reviews, and decided to go with them. Paragon Stairs provides circular stairs that can be designed to fit even the smallest spaces. Paragon stairs. All DIY Stair Kits Include: They're very sturdy and good looking. We did chose to have a local handyman company install it (which took approximately. Extremely please with service as the ordering was easily done and delivery was in a timely manner. narrow and not easy to maneuver. (AutoCAD 2000.dwg format) Our CAD drawings are purged to keep the files clean of any unwanted layers. This was an easy set to put together and it turned out really great looking. The instructions showed the drilled. Because we were in a time crunch. Would work with them again. Great customer service. This is extremely tedious and unnecessary. Way better than I even thought. The directions where clear, with 2 people and a day had it installed. If you have pets. It was easy to install and fit as easily as advertised. Stairs arrived on time and assembly was a snap! did it all with two people and some advance planning for safety.Remember that the economy DIY spiral stair kit is a narrow width staircase. I was really amazed at how easy and simple it was to put this staircase up by myself with no one's help and they came out looking awesome, It always feels good when you have an experience that exceeded your expectations. We loved working with this company! Very easy to install with basic construction knowledge. Very high quality stairs and easy to install. She designed our spiral staircase perfect and also gave us a great price!! We added a two car garage onto our home with an attic type room over the garage. Great product 100 % Satisfied. Great costumer service and everything come in perfect conditions. I say "our" project because that's how Brian treated it. I needed an attractive spiral staircase that didn't break the bank. Purchase your Paragon stair kit online today to save time and money. There instructions for installation were clear and easy to follow. The only drawback I see to the staircase is the railing which I wish was of better material for the money we paid. Create an elegant, showstopping focal point for your home with a Paragon curved wood staircase. which to me is important. Great customer service. Thanks paragon, My husband and friend were able to install our spiral stairs with no problems. Excellent customer service, I would definitely use this company again, I had the idea that a spiral staircase was what my house needed in order to give the 2nd level, which is actually only a half story, more floor space and head room and also to fix the problem of the only basement access being from the trap door in the floor of the pantry. Quality Product, good service. Installation was simple and we love our new stairs! Paragon was great to work with and they also made a custom top railing based on my measurements. What a surprise! Everything went great until we attached the aluminum handrail. That was disappointing but the rest of the stairs were great. Very impressed with the stairs, excellent customer service. I highly recommend Paragon Stairs to anyone looking for quality and very professional customer service. Arrived on time! Everything was as discussed and installation was straight forward and easy with the help of a friend. Absolutely floored at the service we received from Melissa! Prep took one day and installation one day. The staircase was critical to making the project work well. We were able to save nearly ten thousand dollars by using Paragon. We built wooden walls around the top of the stairway hole for safety.I would highly recommend these stairs and this company. My brother and I spent one day installing the staircase and it mounted perfectly. great design,great price,easy ordering,arrival and put together-looks great! Great to deal with! I would recommend them for the quality, and mostly, for the customer experience. Our friendly designers can meet with you virtually to get you a FREE 3D model and accurate pricing. Overall my experience with Paragon stairs is positive. Under staircase dimensions mistake. Finally, the instructions say an average buyer installs the stairs in 8 hrs. I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing spiral steps to give Salter a try they have a durable product and. I opted to ditch the included platform rails, and continue a custom guardrail onto the platform.It’s a no frills basic spiral. . This is just what we wanted. I made a plywood height. Assembly is somewhat daunting; we assembled ours wrapping the wrong direction, and didn't discover the error until later. After custom consultation on our space & needs we received and assembled our stairs in an afternoon. I worked with Joe Schikal directly and he went above and beyond to ensure that I had a positive and smooth experience. Great quality product, easy to install. I could drill a few of them, but for the large ones in large metal pieces I had to pay a machine shop to do. Highly recommend, however, we have not yet assembled. The stairs came in as we designed and spoke about. Need a wooden crate for steel stairs. Easy to work with staff. We solved this problem by purchasing some pre-split pipe wrap at the nearest big box hardware store. When we were trying to decide upon the size needed, the rep actually took me to a site on my computer where I could visually see everything! Excellent customer service & a very high quality product. stair project. It was. Overall it does take some skills to do this yourself but if your handy, it's a fun project. How to build a spiral staircase. Explore. We replaced a ladder to the loft of our cabin and it is absolutely perfect. We purchased a spiral staircase for our new construction home. manufactured and easy to assemble. That was easily fixed with a can of black satin Rustoleum. Most of all my customer was delighted with the stairs and the way they fit in place. You therefore have to mark the holes, remove the platform, drill the pilot holes, and then put platform back. Sale engineer was very helpful in meeting the requirements of our project. Schedule your consultation with one of our designers for a fast quote. My only negative. I was given multiple answers none of which were correct. Exactly what I needed to survive the salt air here on PEI. I noticed a mistake on stair orientation, my, fault, after I signed off on drawings and they corrected with no fuss. They were very helpful with the order, communicated during the time of fabrication, staircase assembly and install went very well, and most of all the end product was great. +++ you also get to support a wonderful small business! I had a pleasant experience with Paragon stairs, they were prompt in delivery. they will be there for a long time to come a great buy, This was my first spiral staircase and Paragon made it pretty easy for me with a great design department that delivered what I needed when they said they would delivery it. Will recommend to others. Staircase - large transitional wooden curved metal railing staircase idea in Orange County with marble risers This reminds me of the entry hall in the Wallace Frost house, but with more pizzazz. Kept our overall project on schedule. Find the perfect Round Staircase stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. They built and shipped in just 3 weeks. The top platform railing had to be modified to make it fit due to the shape of our deck railing opening. I didn't want to spend 5K and have a welded one craned over our house to our back deck. Top quality. Customer service and sales is great. Great Quality. The entire process was simple, the people who helped design the stairs to fit our needs were excellent. Install was fairly easy. Our shipment arrived with three newborn siamese kittens inside the container (2 alive, 1 dead) in addition was a dead rat. Brett was able to design a landing and send design drawings to me in the same day. They look great and feel solid. Great product. helpful, but it would have been much easier with a bit better labeling. Reps were very knowledgable and helpful, but this info should have been in the instructions which would have saved us time and two calls. Shipping info and follow up was great as was the quality of construction and materials. Pretty cool stairs. The stairs look great and even with just the black paint from the factory, the steps are not slippery. Communication was superb. CONCRETE STAIRS CONSTRUCTION TYPES. time that 2 people are needed to get the handrail on, but most of the rest can be done with one person. Instructions do not mention this. Then we screwed the remaining two sections on top of that.2) You don't need to hold the top platform in place while attaching to structure if you install ledger boards first that the platform can rest on and be level with floor. He was so. It takes a couple of months to produce these, but they were up front about that so expectations were clear. I, Everything went very smoothly from start to finish, The sales experience with Joe was very pleasant and no pressure. All I did was call them up, email photos of the rooms, along with ceiling height measurements, and then they did all the design work and let me choose which materials I wanted. Was very nice working with Brian when we were ordering our stairs. The only slight improvement would be a labeling of each piece to be assembled. I wished that all items were shipped so job could of been completed. started. I, This is the second spiral staircase from Paragon Stairs that I have used. My wife and I installed them in one evening. the Paragon Team really made it possible in the tiny home. During construction our contractor decided to make some changes to our plans and our steps were now wrong. amazing and always on top of things and always following uphighly recommend. Our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget. That said, the error was ours, not theirs. EVERYONE that sees them is impressed. Deliver service was very disappointed and unacceptable. The product is easy to traverse and has withstood the tough coastal conditions it is located. My new spiral stairs are awesome. But a week later it was all delivered. Is price isn't a concern you can add all the fancy options your heart desires.. My son and I installed this is a few hours. The experience was great from project development through design and final install. It was less than 20% of what was quoted by a local steel fabricator.So I drove to Collegeville, PA from upstate NY to see for myself.Scott Lisle took me into the factory. If I had known this before placing my order, I will have purchased the metal hand rail. From a customer service point of view, Paragon did well. I would suggest Paragon Stairs to a friend for excellent build quality and fair price, but do your homework. Very high quality end product. Great solution for our small space living up to our loft. Satisfied with everything! Designing the stairs was easy with these guys. My only complaint was. Great service, quotes, and product just as advertised, delivered promptly. Check out these awesome custom diagrams showcasing the 25 different types of staircases you can use inside your home. Circular Staircase Plan Ideas, Spiral Round Curved Designs Of Stairs Type: Circular Staircase Plan – Glass Type Staircase – Fantastic And Fabulous Circular Staircase Plan Designs & Create your Dream Home Staircase with Latest Huge Collections Of Rare Pieces, Everlasting Types . You cannot get a drill in there to drill your pilot holes. My contractor put up the stairs nicely nudge against the wall. I would order again, thank you, I purchase my steps from Salter which is one of the parent companies. our stairs showed up on time. staircase can not explain enough how solid this staircase is.Note: Add building a spiral staircase to the list of things you would never think would do!!!!!! A staircase has a lot more architectural value when you look beyond its functional realm. sales rep worked very well with us over the phone and online. Stairs and spiral staircase in plan, frontal and side elevation view CAD Blocks. Don't love the screws for the plastic hand railing as they aren't counter sinking & are already stripping out of the railing. After we framed in our secret wine room under the owners house I gave them our hole dimensions and out total height. Took about 3 days of work. My contractor had to call them up a couple times with questions and they were prompt to resolve the issues. The square head ones provided are pretty easy to strip & frustrating to have to keep redoing. Directions we're easy and we had all the parts we needed. We won’t receive our staircase for a few weeks but I’m sure it will be exactly what we ordered!! I would definitely purchase from them again! The high-quality drawings for free download. By Brenner Architecture Group. My stairs are in and installed - pretty damn tickled. Mike and Jean[Thanks Andrew and Coleen!]. Not only is their product excellent but their customer service is superior. He cared about the outcome as much as we did. There were no defects or anything wrong with the, Great quality and service. It takes up very little space and very sturdy. Stairs arrived on time and were easy to assemble. We've yet to install the stairs, but I can tell from the items delivered that they're quality and that installation will be a breeze. Delivery was prompt and customer service has been great. The calculation of dimensions of a spiral staircase is very critical and performed with utmost care. Salesman was knowledgeable, helpful and polite. Excellent quality and packaged nicely with ample damage protection. Great service and products, highly recommend. Easy to order, easy to install -- couldn't ask for more! Given it was a stock kit, I had it in my home in 7 days and I installed it in one. The product is great! We highly recommend this company. Great mountain views but the first comments i get are, about the stairs.Great for dogs, solid stuff.Instructions were perfect but will take you a good day + to buildGreat work guys and thank you, Pete the sales rep that I worked with at Paragon stairs was fantastic. stretching the coiled railing to a helical shape. (The box was crushed but there was no damage to the contents). A professional company ! The only issue I had was cutting the ballisters. Easy to assemble. I am so pleased with my spiral stairs! Paragon folks were always available and helpful. With me, I'm a retired contractor and the solution is simple, however, to pay what I did, I did not expect these defects. mostly happy with the purchase. We will definitely be sure to refer other customers to you.THANK YOU!AJ & Caroline, We love our new stairs and would highly recommend the product. one critique would be about uncoiling the handrail. The only reason I didn't go a full 5 stars is that the hardware that came with the unit was not the hardware described in the instruction. Perfect serviceFit and finish awesomeBest price I found. Had a great experience designing and getting this spiral stair for my home.. Home Decor. Very professional customer service, spent enough time to design best possible stair layout. I was presently surprised the way they communicated where they were in the development construction and delivery. I couldn't believe how heavy duty they are. Stair case is great. We needed something for our toddler to safely go up and down in place of the ladder. Save Photo. Extremely professional, they make sure you get exactly what you need the first time! Steve was super helpful in determining the correct size and walking us through the process via a shared screen to demonstrate placement and direction. I've come across several homes where this staircase design mistake has been made. Paragon Stairs made it easy to purchase and install their stair case. Great experience. My rep walked me through several suggestions and options and asked for pictures and measurements ensuring that I received exactly what I needed. I really felt like Paragon really thought my order was important -. I went right the the factory and picked it up the next week. Confusing at times. when complete, the result will be phenomenal. Thank you Paragon! I now have a super practical and attractive staircase in my new apartment. Would order from again. Each one had to. We highly recommend Paragon and will use them in the future. Fast delivery and assembly was a breeeze! Assembly was about as described--there is one point that you need a few people (4 is ideal, 3 is doable) to hold it up, plumb, and mount it, and another. Great company to work for. This sped up the assembly for me. This stretching cause some of the black paint to flake off. customer service was great would use them again. Working with the rep was painless, and he helped address our spiral staircase needs, talked through logistics, and didn't make me feel like I was, Very well made,easy to install,would buy from again, The designer was very helpful and very professional. Pete & Paragon performed as promised. a million questions. Perfect addition to our cabin! - webuser_982079281. A bit too early though to see how the galvanized steel is going to handle the winter. I went with steel and hickory; very nice. It is wonderful for grandchildren to use as they go to the fort/loft in our home. It arrived on time. I am getting many compliments on it's appearance. Fig.1. 8, 1-inch wood screws. Schedule a Free Consultation Scott was a pleasure to deal with answered all of my questions and my contractor’s questions. Don't get ripped off purchasing from. The stairs went. I haven't installed the stairs yet but itsi going to be soon.well built craftsmanship was excellent . The most time consuming part was actually the railing supports as each one had to cut to length. It was a fun project setting it all up, went very smooth. It was the most difficult part of the installation. An outstanding experience from the first consultation though delivery and painless installation. Love the product. Whether you're working on an urban renovation or your backyard deck. Our spiral staircase was delivered efficiently, it was easy for our team to install and made of high-quality material and craftsmanship. Makes life a lot easier then going around to the garage to get into my basement. instead we went, The stairs arrived in good shape. Great experience. Our SMA certified team is here to help you with each design decision to ensure your stair meets your budget and specifications. Easy to assemble and install. When I told them about the space they also claimed that the space was not proper for a regular spiral stair. We asked a younger, stronger friend to help (we are both mid- 60s). I am very happy with our stairs and would order from Paragon again and again if I needed to. CONCRETE STAIR ... PLAN DRAWING OF A STAIRCASE. The damage ruined my spiral stairway. You get experts that know the product on the phone when you need them. They were helpful, knowledgeable and worked with my budget. Customer service was good, delivery took a bit longer than I expected. The stairs are very solid. Delivered to us when they said they would and kept us updated during the build process. Great product. I couldn't believe it. Assembly instructions were good. Assembly was not as easy as they make it seem, but overall a good investment, I think. all parts and pieces were there. Delivery, parts, purchase were all excellent, but it took our installer 3 days to put it up (outside 2 story residential home). See more ideas about spiral staircase plan, spiral staircase, staircase. The stairs are great quality and look beautiful once they’re installed. The stairs look great. From 1st phone call to the last, she was available and made the design process very easy and professional. Paragon makes all kinds of stairs. The stairs ship complete with all necessary parts for assembly. Paragon was great from the start. We are a Deck Building Co, recently placed an Spiral Stair case with Paragon, the sales person was very attempt to our requests and made several suggestions that improved our initial idea. Thank you for a great staircase. Great support through the design process. Very happy with my purchase and makes our home look way better. The design process, the quality of work was absolutely wonderful. I purchased their spiral stairway and they shipped to Orlando for me. Looks great and feels solid, like movement, flex, sway, nothing. Extremely professional & detail oriented!! overpriced dealers, Paragon Stairs produce high quality easily assembled with many customization options for spiral and decorative staircase. Main reason was that they provided realtime consultation during discussion. We found Paragons Spiral Staircases and couldn't be happier with our decision to go with them for this project. Experts in their field and very easy to work with. I worked with Scott and he was so patient and helped us figure out which stairs were best for us. I ordered a spiral staircase for a house I was remodeling. A bit more tricky to put together then anticipated. Great stairs. My experience was great from the initial consultation all the way through to delivery right when I asked for it! The installation did take several people, but wasn't too difficult. I'm a residential outdoor living remodeler in Austin, TX. The company quickly shipped us the few pieces of hardware that were missing.We hired a handyman to put the stairs together for us. All questions were answered, with pictures sent to show details. The appearance couldn't be better. The product was delivered as stated on time. Stairs went together well and the clients were happy. I was freaking out and I called Jeff and he was able to send me an updated layout that just required us to turn the steps 90 degrees. Easy process from start to finish. Quality product. We don't have our staircase installed yet, but it looks like quality products. In my personal experience as a better than average handyman, this took closer to 14 hrs with 3 people. My experience with paragon was very seamless. Stairs arrived ahead of schedule. Their website and customer service rep made designing our stairs simple and painless. General Contractor and I was pleased how well everything came together and had good customer service throughout the process. The whole experience of working with Paragon Stairs to receiving our stairs was stress-free. Looked for a staircase for our small cabin to replace a ladder leading to our loft and im glad i decided on paragon stairs. Overall I am very pleased....from the initial phone consultation, the order design, shipping and quality of product. I am pleased with the way these turned out! The instructions were confusing at times, especially when there were many extra bolts which were not labeled (and a few missing bolts - maybe our package came with the wrong bags of hardware). Excellent workmanship. The assembly of the spiral stairs was very easy and. Premium account. The main colum is in several pieces that screw together. They are the center piece of our house. It looks like a beautiful black metal sculpture that also takes me from the living room to a third floor loft. All Rights Reserved. never having installed a spiral staircase before I didn't know what we were in for. A member of our SMA certified team goes over each decision to ensure your staircase matches your vision and budget. rescheduling for delivery but it didn’t have anything to do with Paragon. Within 30 minutes of conversation and an. We had a lengthy process of designing during a long renovation to our house. They have wider versions for more ease of stepping up and down.NOTES:1) The center post came in 4 sections that screw together. Very nice product! My only complaint is bending the rail to fit the radius, is really quite difficult (in my opinion). Great Job. Staircase design plans for left hand single winding staircases with a 90 degreee turn these plan layout design drawings offer a good guide to the sizes required in the uk for a domestic staircase with a 90 degree turn the drawings have 3 winder treads often known as a kite winder stair. I found a 1/2" hole is much easier to slip the wing nut into.7) Put the wing nut screw through the baluster hole then thread the wing nut onto that. definitely would recommend and will do business again with Paragon Stairs. The unit was stable, instructions were clear, and installation was smooth. in very easily. We’re very happy with Paragon. Outstanding Sales & Service. repositioning the treads everything worked out. Excellent fit and finish. Our purchasing experience with Paragon was great. That was really hard to make look good. Highly recommended. Highly recommend. They arrived on time with no problems. One of our friendly designers will be in touch with you soon. Fast quote and easy install. The company is solid, professional, and friendly. Had some issues but the customer service resolved them. I love the stairway! The stairs look great and were very sturdy. Ours is an indoor primed code stair, leading from our walk-in closet up to the loft. However, you will need more tools than shown in the manual... we had to drill holes into the side of the platform for the handrail baulister and side panel. We needed a smaller set of spiral stairs and Paragon was able to help us with that along with a short lead time. This was a do it yourself project on my boat dock deck. Nov 5, 2020 - Explore mukesh patel's board "Spiral staircase plan" on Pinterest. I'd suggest going to the hardware store to get different wood screws (phillips or star) if you're working with wood tread covers or a wood handrail. I have however received the. Seriously the one ofthe best home improvement purchasing decision experiences I have ever had. Best decision we could have made. I really couldn't be more pleased, the way our project worked out. But we needed a design that would take up the least amount of space. Our SMA-certified designers work with the in-house engineering team and production to provide each customer with the circular staircase that meets their vision. This was our first spiral. It is going to be the focal point of our sweet little house. See how we have improved the homes and lives of our clients. From the design process to delivery, everything was top notch. Two experienced contractors spent 8 hours putting together our 60" exterior staircase with 11 steps. Their website says it takes two people but their instructions have one step that says you will need 3 or 4 people to accomplish. It was very easy to install, and is very sturdy and safe. The staircase is beautiful and we have a VERY happy customer. The people I dealt with at the company were great, and the stair was better than I thought it would be. When I called yesterday, the person who I would need to speak to in order to cancel the order was already out of the office for the weekend, so now I have to wait till Monday to see if I can get the refund. I could have cut installation time significantly if I had been aware of these going in. These people did that. The process was really easy, and once the stairs came, the installation process was straightforward. Our Paragon spiral staircase arrived on time and with all the required parts. Because knowledge is power, look at these dual staircase house plans. I doubt that it could be installable by the homeowner. Happy Campers ! The handrail was a little challenging and did not uncoil as nice as I would have preferred. We’ll see how the product holds up over time, yet at this point very satisfied with Paragon.

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